San Juan Scents - "Wild Aloof Rebel", Eau de Toilette

San Juan Scents - "Wild Aloof Rebel", Eau de Toilette

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From Boathouse Mercantile:  

WILD ALOOF REBEL eau de toilette is a unique, quietly alluring, oud and amber-ish scent for men and women (for you cult followers, this was formerly E/L) . Rich in gentleness and mystery, WILD ALOOF REBEL mixes the smoke in black agarwood with pine, labdanum, and a sweet bit of vanilla. Its benzoin friends mingle with a few sparkly tops. Mystery and warmth inform all of the notes.

1.7 oz fine-mist atomizer spray

Weighty, square glass bottle with 2″ sq. footprint

Gold-embossed letterpress label on lovely paper

About Boathouse Mercantile:  " Perfumes are mixed in our little modern boathouse studio in tiny batches from a library of 250 perfumery materials (natural and synthetic). It takes dozens of iterations, copious notes, mistakes and up-at-nights to create a scent. The completed forumulas are blended and bottled by hand in limited quantities. Perfumers are geeky and obsessive because the details can be DAUNTING! I love to cut, apply labels by hand, and yes, make sure that every bottle, from 5ml to 1oz., is filled, fussed over and meticulously packaged. They are infused with intuition and doubt – two mainstays of perfume artistry."