Interested in selling your items in Pine & Moss?

Interested in selling your items in Pine & Moss?  We're a lifestyle boutique dedicated to celebrating, sharing, and selling curated work from local artisans.  We regularly host Small Business Collectives at our DuPont location but want to do MORE.  So we are accepting applications for artisans/ makers to sell items inside both of our locations and on our website.  
Some things to keep in mind before applying:
  • We are a lifestyle and gift boutique.  We primarily sell gift items, small home accents and decor.
  • We already buy wholesale from well known companies.  We are now looking for the small makers, that handcraft their items.  If you do not sell handcrafted items that are your own designs, please do not apply.  
  • If your brand fits with ours, we will contact you by email to make arrangements for drop off or shipment. Please note that even though we will read every submission we receive, we may not have time to respond to every single one of them.  
  • Do you sell in a nearby shop (JBLM, DuPont, or Steilacoom)?  We respect all our small businesses and will not carry a brand in their stores.  

Click here for application.  

Want to see what we offer to our Small Business Friends?  Not only do you have access to all our small business collectives, your items will also be sold at both locations and online.  Look on our website for Ginger & The Huth.  Dorris, the owner, has been with us since the day we opened four years ago.