Find It® ORIGINAL Version

Find It® ORIGINAL Version

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The Find It® ORIGINAL version contains natural-colored pellets with 40+ hidden objects secured by forest green caps. The objects are much smaller increasing the challenge. It is suggested for teens and older players.

The Original version is a beautiful game to leave on the coffee table, in the office or waiting room. The objects consist of a wing nut, popcorn kernel, light bulb, bell, staple, and the elusive US penny. The hidden objects are itemized on the top cap with a check off pad included with the game. All Find It® games are assembled in the USA. 

Kimberlee found these items years ago when she was visiting Louisville.  A favorite Bardstown Road restaurant had these at each table for the kids to play with instead of crayons and coloring pages.  Her kids loved them and she has been looking for them ever since.