Elizabeth Person Art- Washington
Elizabeth Person Art- Washington

Elizabeth Person Art- Washington

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Washington State Map Archival Print

Northwest is best! This completely hand-crafted map is an ode to the ridges, rocks and rills that make up Washington State.

Washington State Map is hand-drawn and delicately colored in earth-toned watercolor that reflect the greens, browns, yellows and blues of the verdant Pacific Northwest. I spent hours comparing source material, drawing, and re-drawing this map illustration, so I have a new depth of admiration for the mapmakers of old who pioneered this exacting business!

I wanted to focus on the geographical character of this PNW state - the extensive, sea-carved coast lines of the Puget Sound, epics Cascade Mountain Range, unique Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, and fertile eastern side of the state, marbled with rivers. All 39 counties of Washington are included, as well as over 25 of the largest cities (plus a few sentimental locations as well) like Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, and Bellingham. What a varied, beautiful region!

The first image is the most accurate color representation of the print.

This is an archival print on high-quality smooth paper.