Campfire Coffee- Summer Camp

Campfire Coffee- Summer Camp

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About Campfire Coffee, located in Tacoma Washington. "We roast coffee over a campfire, the way people did it for hundreds maybe thousands of years before industrial roasters became a thing. This lost art of fire roasting is difficult to get down but the taste is so worth it. Just imagine a cozy coffee roast, sitting around the fire pit sharing laughs and memories. That’s Campfire Coffee."  ~Campfire Coffee Family

Summer Camp- 

Fair trade organic Mexican Chiapas roasted with love. This is an awesome coffee we love that we first roasted during “Snowmageddon” of 2018 and we’ve been roasting it since. It was during the first roast session we discovered a cool way to process this bean to give it a little something extra. Working a little magic with the open flame makes this a little different than traditionally roasted Chiapas you may have tried.

notes: bright, citrusy, balanced

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