Campfire Coffee- Starry Night

Campfire Coffee- Starry Night

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About Campfire Coffee, located in Tacoma Washington. "We roast coffee over a campfire, the way people did it for hundreds maybe thousands of years before industrial roasters became a thing. This lost art of fire roasting is difficult to get down but the taste is so worth it. Just imagine a cozy coffee roast, sitting around the fire pit sharing laughs and memories. That’s Campfire Coffee."  ~Campfire Coffee Family


Starry Night-

Ethiopian yirgacheffe is one of our personal favorites. African coffees are known for their complex, rich flavors but a campfire roasted yirgacheffe is out of this world. This is a fair trade organic bean that is super yummy. Try it as a pour over or French press to get the full effect or pull a couple shots and add a sprinkle of cinnamon!

notes: berries, chocolate, clean, bold

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